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Queremos compartirles las experiencias y el agradecimiento de nuestras alumnas que participaron del proyecto de Naciones Unidas de la Universidad de Cambridge llevado a cabo el mes pasado. Con muy poco tiempo y junto al profesor Walter Luna lograron preparar sus discursos.
“Creemos que hemos hecho un gran trabajo con los tiempos, apurándonos y haciendo los discursos con solo una semana de anticipación. Queríamos agradecerles haberse hecho un tiempo además de todas sus clases y correcciones”. Julieta Bargiano
“Personally, I like to make models, because I think you learn a lot to put yourself in another role, which you may not like, but you have to defend your country. In addition to being up to date with the different social, cultural, economic, political and environmental problems that exist in the world.
The preparation of the model was very pleasant, together with the teachers who were always available and with the girls, who helped each other constantly in front of the nerves of having everything ready in less than a week.
On the other hand, I think there was a poor disposition of time within the model, as we had about four hours to discuss two topics. In my opinion very little time, as many people could not read a speech, and participation was limited.
Despite that, it was a very nice experience, because I realized the importance of knowing English. I could understand what was being talked about, what was being discussed, what I was voting on, because I understood and could communicate with another language.” Josefina Pardo
"I had the opportunity to participate in the International United Nations Model presented by the University of Cambridge. I am deeply grateful for have been part of an incredible experience. I worked together with two super understanding colleagues who helped me and guided me together with the teachers. It was my first time participating in the UN model, that is why it was a challenging proposal for me. In addition, I was able to participate in a set of workshops presented by the University that were practical, didactic, educational and amazing. I am infinitely grateful for the school for giving us this opportunity, for the university of Cambridge for giving us participation and for the group of teachers and colleagues for working with me and supporting me. Without a doubt, I would love to repeat the experience!" Milena Privitera
Por otro lado, queremos contarles que las alumnas Lola Beltrán y Valentina Herrera quedaron seleccionadas en nuestra institución para realizar su participación en el concurso de ITBA y fueron las que enviaron sus ensayos sobre la tecnología y los negocios.

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